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The Bass Fishing Japan Mission

Exploring Japan's wide variety of lakes and meeting with local Japanese anglers to discover the unique techniques of fishing that few people outside of Japan have experienced and sharing it here with you.

I travel the country to explore Japan as a bass fishing destination.

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My Story

Born and raised in Ohio, USA I grew up bass fishing since the age of 10 and competing in local bass tournaments throughout my teenage years. 

To the outside world, Japan is a mystical place on the other side of the world filled with temples, neon lights, and exceptional food. All of that exists and is well worth experiencing, but to truly discover Japan, a connection with local people on local waters is a must.

Japan is known for its diverse and exciting fishing opportunities, including bass fishing. With its beautiful lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, Japan offers anglers a chance to target various species of bass, such as largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Whether you prefer casting from shore or exploring the waters in a boat, Japan has plenty of locations that cater to bass fishing enthusiasts.

Assisting Anglers 

Visitors have a unique chance to visit areas of Japan with less tourists and catch fish of a lifetime!

Fishing AssistINT is also a cross-border platform for Japanese anglers to gain opportunities in the United States.

Bass Fishing in Japan

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Get In Touch

If you'd like to know more about bass fishing in Japan, please contact us for information on fishing guides, seasonal destinations to fish, bass brands, and boat dealerships.

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