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Best Lakes for
Bass Fishing
in Japan

Japan has many options for great bass fishing throughout the country.


In our opinion, the following 4 lakes offer the best bass fishing experiences for overseas visitors.

Bass fishing in Japan provides anglers an opportunity to challenge themselves with various techniques and lure types depending on the lake. 

Lake Biwa is where big bass dreams are made, but also a massive body of water with high fishing pressure.

Lake Kawaguchi is a medium-sized body of water also with high fishing pressure, no soft plastic lures allowed, but has clean waters, incredible views, and healthy fish.

Lake Nojiri was the first lake that inspired the BassFishingJapan Instagram and this website. Tucked high in the mountains of Nagano, this small lake is lined with bass boats and full of smallmouth.


Lake Kasumigaura is the lake that perplexes all who fish it. Located conveniently near Narita Airport and not far from Tokyo, this is Japan's second largest freshwater lake and looks like a fisherman's wonderland. However, bass fishing on this lake is quite challenging, but yet, there are ample numbers of bass boats and marinas around the southern part of the lake providing easy opportunities to go bass fishing not too far from the city center. 

Lake Biwa, Shiga Prefecture

Appeal: Large Lake / Big Bass

The mother of all bass fishing lakes and home to the world-record largemouth bass caught in 2009, Lake Biwa is Japan's largest freshwater lake and Japan's #1 lake for monster bass.

Discover Lake Biwa!

Lake Biwa Japan Bass Fishing.jpeg

Lake Kawaguchi, Yamanashi Prefecture

Appeal: Scenery / Accessibility

Arguably Japan's most picturesque lake, it's hard to concentrate on your line with stunning views of Mt. Fuji at the base of this pristine lake loaded with bass. Located just 1.5 hours by car or train from Tokyo!

Discover Lake Kawaguchi!

Lake Kawaguchi Bass Fishing Japan.jpeg

Lake Nojiri, Nagano Prefecture

Appeal: Smallmouth / Remote

If smallmouth bass fishing is your thing, then Lake Nojiri is the place to experience it in Japan! A picturesque lake stuffed with smallies, this lake is surrounded by the beautiful Japan Alps providing incredible scenery and crisp air.

Discover Lake Nojiri!

Lake Nojiri Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Japan.jpeg

Lake Kasumigaura, Ibaraki Prefecture

Appeal: Accessibility / Big Lake

Located just 30-minutes from Narita International Airport and just a 50-minutes train ride from the heart of Tokyo, Japan's second largest lake is within easy reach of the urban sprawl and is a popular destination amongst local bass anglers.

Discover Lake Kasumigaura!

Bass Fishing Japan Lake Kasumigaura_edited.jpg
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