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Japan as a Bass Fishing Destination

World-class bass fishing in Japan is the secret most of the world has yet to discover.

Bass fishing in Japan at the base of Mt. Fuji

“While most visitors to Japan pack themselves into the popular tourist destinations of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka - numerous lakes however provide fantastic bass fishing .

An Unexpected Discovery

During a birthday getaway to Nagano prefecture in September 2020, I was stunned to find one of the most beautiful lakes I've ever seen.

Just a small blue spot on Google Maps, Lake Nojiri is a breathtaking body of water located next to the majestic Japan Alps. But much to my surprise, the lake was also dotted with bass boats all around me!

Lake Nojiri is one of just a handful of lakes loaded with smallmouth bass. Who knew!?

This led me to researching bass fishing information online, which yielded very little. Thus, a seed was planted here.


Bass Fishing Lakes in Japan

When it comes to bass fishing in Japan, lakes, rivers, and even rice paddy spillways provide opportunities to catch 'football' shaped bass.

For visitors to Japan, these waterways can be tricky to get to and even more tricky to figure out how to fish them with any success, as I quickly found out when I started fishing here, my methods used in Ohio would not apply here!

I've narrowed down 3 lakes for foreign visitors to enjoy bass fishing in Japan.

Lake Biwa

I call her the "mother lake" when it comes to bass fishing. Simply put, there is no place like Biwa when it comes to bass fishing on the planet.

One of the world's oldest lakes, it's also the home to the world record largemouth bass caught back in July of 2009. I was also surprised to learn that the lake is fishable 12 months out of the year and some of the biggest bass are caught in January!

Lake Kawaguchi

You'll be hard pressed to find a more scenic lake on Earth than Kawaguchi. Laying at the base of Japan's iconic Mt. Fuji, the lake is filled with quality bass and easy access from Tokyo.

Lake Nojiri

As mention in the opening, Lake Nojiri in Nagano prefecture is a unique lake in its small size, fast bass boats, and plethora of smallmouth bass. This lake usually shuts off around early November and starts back up around late March.

It should be noted however that in order to operate a boat in Japan, a Japanese boat license must be in hand. Because of this, hiring a fishing guide is highly recommend at all of the lakes mentioned, which is also a great way to connect with and support local people.

Discover more about bass fishing lakes in Japan.


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