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Building Community Through Fishing in Shiga, Japan

There's a special bond between anglers.

But, fishing doesn't always translate to those who don't partake in the sport.

With the belief that fishing can bring positive economic benefit and further strengthen the community around Lake Biwa, the "Mother Lake Attraction" was a vision had by Kazuki Mori, which came to life on a glorious Saturday in September.

Coming Together in Shiga

Mori-san teamed up with HIDEUP Co. Ltd. CEO, Hideo Yoshida to produce the event which brought thousands of people to a large community recreation and shopping center.

Shiga prefecture's majestic Lake Biwa is known around the world for its fabled fishing tales, but is also home to some of the most desired fishing lure manufacturers on the planet. Products from local companies such as DRT, Jackall, Studio Composite as well as Deps in nearby Kyoto, travel all around the world forming micro-communities of adoring fans worldwide.

It's this incredible combination of innovative products and world-class freshwater fishing that makes Shiga a special destination for anglers as well as locals who call Shiga home.

Local legend, Manabu Kurita joined the event along with a strong following of young anglers that find fishing as motivation to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

Connecting with Locals

As a foreign guest visiting Shiga, the fishing community has always provided a sense of comfort being part of such a sport. Friendships formed both in Japan as well as overseas converged once again here in Shiga over the weekend.

In addition to the well-organized event, the biggest impact came from talking business, sharing a local meal, and getting out on the water together.

Time and time again, I see fishing as an incredible medium to foster cross-cultural relations and mutually beneficial impact for businesses as well.

A warm thank you to Mori-san, Yoshida-san, and all of the participants of the event who welcomed us to Shiga.


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